Archive: Sep 2015

  1. Dolph Viscometer Info

    Here are guidelines to measure viscosity. Using the handle that is brazed onto the cup, it is immersed in the varnish. The cup is lifted vertically out of the varnish and a stopwatch is started. Note: It is imported to hold the cup […]

  2. What is the Shelf Life of…….???

    This question is commonly asked among our distributors and customers. Product Shelf Life is the time frame in which our material/product maintains all of its optimum physical, chemical and electrical characteristics and properties. The most critical parameter to consider is the temperature of […]

  3. Dolph’s has moved!

    Our new location is Dolphs, 200 Von Roll Dr, Schenectady, NY 12306 and our phone number is 1-800-654-7652. Please reach out directly to your sales people or to the number above for any questions you may have. Or simply fill out our Contact […]