Environmentally Friendly – it’s your world too! INTRODUCING THE CC-1149 FAMILY

DOL beehive

We are proud to announce the completion of an entire family of products using CC-1149 as the basis of the family. For those of you who are unfamiliar with CC-1149, this product is an epoxy used primarily for either dip and bake or vacuum processing of transformers. CC-1149 has UL systems available up to 220° C. Another feature of the product is very low VOC emissions and a flash point above 200° C.

We have just completed both a fast cure and filled version called CC-1149FC and CC-1149HTC respectively. In comparison to our competition’s product, we feel that our product offers more consistent film build and effective cure times.

We currently have several transformers manufacturers testing this product in their applications and the initial results are encouraging.

Data sheets and MSDS sheets are available on all three products. We are continuing to attempt to expand our product line so our distributors can service any electrical varnish and potting application with Dolph products. You can obtain information on these products by either calling the Monmouth Junction office or by making an information request on our website at www.dolphs.com.