What is the Shelf Life of…….???

This question is commonly asked among our distributors and customers. Product Shelf Life is the time frame in which our material/product maintains all of its optimum physical, chemical and electrical characteristics and properties.

The most critical parameter to consider is the temperature of storage. We strongly recommend that the material be stored at 70°F (+/-5) to maintain its optimum performance. Store in a dry place to avoid moisture and keep containers closed when not is use. Also, keep in mind the OSHA storage regulations for flammable liquids, CFR29- Code of Federal Regulations – Paragraph 1910.106-108.

Styrene and VT based polyesters are very sensitive to storage temperature.
Reactors for polybutadiene based products are especially sensitive to moisture as well as low temperature. If so, they need to be thawed out completely and mixed thoroughly before using in order to maintain their properties.

Generally, the shelf life period for Dolph products is 12 months from the date of shipment from our plant.

Exception: Aerosol spray cans have a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture. This number is stamped on the top of the can under the cap. The number represents the day of the year. For example: 02199 is January 21, 1999.

Certain products do, however, have limited shelf life and are listed below. This is not a complete list. Therefore, for specific questions consult the product data sheet.


Material Shelf Life
LV-742 Insulating Coating 6
Dolphon CC-1080-L Polyester Resin 6
Dolphon CC-1094 Polyester Pour-on Resin Kits 6
Dolphon CC-1096 Polyester Resin 6
Dolphon CR-1098 Red Epoxy Resin 6
Dolphon CC-1099 Polyester Resin 6
Dolphon CC-1106 Polyester Resin 6
Dolphon CN-1119 Thixotropic Epoxy Resin 6
Dolphon CC-1120 Magnet Compound 6
Dolphon CC-1133 Polyester Resin 6
Dolphon CN-1139 Commutator Staking Compound 6
Dolphon CC-1250 Polyester Resin 3
Dolphon CC-1251 Polyester Resin 3
Dolphon CC-1260 Polyester Resin 3
Dolphon CC-1261 Polyester Resin 3
VR-3017 Viscosity Adjuster 3
CB-1145 One Part Polybutadiene 6
Dolphon CN-1146 Two Part Epoxy Resin 6
Dolphon CC-1157 Solventless Polyester 6


A Certificate of Conformance is available for those customers requiring documentation containing an expiration date. We are happy to provide this certification on to you. We ask that you supply us with the following information: 1) your purchase order number, 2) the location to which we shipped the product, 3) the batch number and quantity you need us to certify.

Remember, if you have any questions regarding the shelf life, we are here to help you!