Damisol® 3630 VPI 02

Damisol® 3630 VPI 02

One component unsaturated polyesterimide resin with extremely low smell and without any VOC (Volatile organic compound) refering to the European legislation 1999/13/CE.
High reactivity and thixotrop resin to allow a better retention. Mainly recommended for Hot dipping and VPI processes.
Permanent temperature properties for electrical insulation systems up to and including Class H.
UL Recognition File No. E 98 511

Key Properties

No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
High reactivity and high stability in tank
Thixotrop resin to allow a better retention
Hot dipping or VPI impregnation process
Outstanding thermal resistance (mechanical- electrical)
Class H – UL File E 98 511


Chemical Base Polyesterimide
Viscosity 23°C 2700 - 8000 mPa.s
Application Rotating Machines < 1kV,  Transformer,  Repair
Thermal Rating 130, 155,  180,  ≥200
Process Dip-Bake,  Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

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