Dolph Viscometer Info


Here are guidelines to measure viscosity. Using the handle that is brazed onto the cup, it is immersed in the varnish. The cup is lifted vertically out of the varnish and a stopwatch is started.

Note: It is imported to hold the cup in a vertical position while the varnish is draining.

The time it takes for the varnish to drain is measured. The stopwatch should be stopped immediately as the varnish stream breaks do not wait until all the varnish has drained. Because the temperature of the varnish affects viscosity, you might want to measure the temperature at the same time. On a cold day, the same varnish will take longer to drain from the cup than on a warn day. If you intend to use this to determine if the varnish is in specification, you should perform the measurement at a constant temperature specified on the product data sheet (typically 77 degrees F/25 degrees C). We list below the viscosity comparison chart.

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