Our Solutions and Products for Low-Voltage Electric Motors and Generator Sets

Low-Voltage Electric Motors

Von Roll Dolph’s® offers a great variety of insulation materials for low-voltage machines. For every application there is an ideal set of materials that form a fully compatible and reliable system with cost-effective solutions for modern mass production. The variety of low-voltage motors and generators is huge, and the electrical, mechanical, environmental and thermal specifications are very different depending on the field of application.

Low-Voltage Generators

The voltage output of generators in diesel gen-sets ranges from 440 V to 13.8 kV. A variety of insulation systems are available. For low-voltage insulation – typically up to a voltage output of 690 V – these systems are based on a random wound or form wound coil design.

The insulation systems for low-voltage stator applications typically consist of the following materials:

  1. a) Winding wires
  2. b) Flexible laminates for slot insulation
  3. c) End winding tapes
  4. d) Litz wires
  5. e) Slot wedges
  • Impregnating resins*
  • Potting resins*
  • Coating varnishes*

*These products are not visible in the picture.

Most of these low-voltage products are listed under different UL thermal classes.

  1. a) Impregnation resins
  2. b) Slot insulation
  3. c) Adhesive tapes
  4. d) Gel coat resins
  5. e) Slot wedges
  6. f) Winding wires
  • Potting resins*
  • Overcoat varnishes*

*These products are not visible in the picture.

Most of these low-voltage products are listed under different UL thermal classes.

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