Our Solutions and Products for Low-Voltage Electric Motors and Generator Sets


Low-Voltage Electric Motors

Von Roll Dolph’s®  offers a great variety of insulation materials for low-voltage machines. For every application there is an ideal set of materials that form a fully compatible and reliable system with cost-effective solutions for modern mass production. The variety of low-voltage motors and generators is huge, and the electrical, mechanical, environmental and thermal specifications are very different depending on the field of application.

Low-Voltage Generators

The voltage output of generators in diesel gen-sets ranges from 440 V to 13.8 kV. A variety of insulation systems are available. For low-voltage insulation – typically up to a voltage output of 690 V – these systems are based on a random wound or form wound coil design.

The insulation systems for low-voltage stator applications typically consist of the following materials:

a) Winding wires

b) Flexible laminates for slot insulation

c) End winding tapes

d) Litz wires

e) Slot wedges

  • Impregnating resins*
  • Potting resins*
  • Coating varnishes*

*These products are not visible in the picture.


Most of these low-voltage products are listed under different UL thermal classes.

a) Impregnation resins

b) Slot insulation

c) Adhesive tapes

d) Gel coat resins

e) Slot wedges

f) Winding wires

  • Potting resins*
  • Overcoat varnishes*

*These products are not visible in the picture.


Most of these low-voltage products are listed under different UL thermal classes




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