Damisol® 3042 /700

Damisol® 3042 /700

Base : 1 Component unsaturated high temperature resistant polyester resin.
Yellowish, transparent trickle resin with Damidil 9117 as reactive diluent hot curing with good permanent temperature properties for electrical insulation systems up to and including Class H.
UL class H E98511
The highly reactive Damisol 3042 is a very stable one component resin to be used on any continuous impregnating process (Dipping, Roll Dip, Trickling) but also VPI with the right viscosity choice.

Key Properties

Very stable yet highly reactive resin
True class H
Excellent & durable mechanical properties
High flexibility
Class H, UL E98511


Chemical Base Polyester
Viscosity 23°C 700 ± 100 mPa.s
Application Rotating Machines < 1kV,  Rotating Machines > 1kV,  Transformer,  Repair
Thermal Rating 130, 155,  180
Process Dip-Bake,  Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

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