Damisol® 3630 HIR 01 300

Damisol® 3630 HIR 01 300

One component unsaturated polyesterimide resin with extremly low smell and without any VOC (Volatile organic compound) refering to the European legislation 1999/13/CE.
High reactivity and low viscosity resin. Specially suitable for quick process like trickling & roll dipping.
Outstanding mechanical properties for electrical insulation systems up to and including Class H.
UL Recognition File No. E 98 511- Exists also at 600mPa.s viscosity

Key Properties

No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
Low viscosity and High reactivity
Specially designed for highly stressed armatures like power tools, vacuum cleaners.
Can be processed on trickling, Roll-dipping equipment
Outstanding mechanical & thermal properties up to (and more) than Class H – UL File E 98 511


Chemical Base Polyesterimide
Viscosity 23°C 250-350 mPa.s
Application Rotating Machines < 1kV

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