Permafil® 707CD

Permafil® 707CD

Permafil® 707CD solventless polyester resin is a semi-rigid resin system designated primarily for vacuum-pressure impregnation of both form wound and random wound motors. Its high thermal capability coupled with its excellent electrical properties over a wide temperature range make this resin system suitable for both AC and DC applications. The material has improved curing characteristics on bare copper.

Key Properties

Flexible in stressful applications protects windings in harsh thermal and mechanical shock environments
Excellent coverage and retention
Good processing characteristics
Low weight loss during heat aging
Exceptional electrical properties
Not effected by copper inhibition


Chemical Base Polyester
Viscosity 23°C 900 - 1200 cps
Application Rotating Machines < 1kV,  Rotating Machines > 1kV
Thermal Rating 130, 155,  180,  ≥200
Process Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

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