Permafil® 711

Permafil® 711

Permafil® 711 solventless polyester resin is a very thixotropic yet semi-rigid resin system designated primarily for vacuum-pressure impregnation of field coils, transformers and random wound motors where a maximum of build, gap filling and retention is required. It is a companion product to Permafil® 707. Its high thermal capability coupled with its excellent electrical properties over a wide temperature range make this resin useful in many unusual applications.

Key Properties

Very heavy build
Thixotropic formulation
Maximum gap filling
Good for VPI treatment of random wound machines
Ideal for DC field coil VPI
Excellent penetration and retention


Chemical Base Polyester
Viscosity 23°C 4000 - 14000 cps
Application Rotating Machines > 1kV
Thermal Rating 130, 155,  180,  ≥200
Process Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

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