Permafil® 716

Permafil® 716

Permafil® 716 is a solventless, unsaturated polyester resin developed for use in dip and bake or VPI tanks to replace low flash point solvent type varnishes where flammability and VOC emissions are of a prime concern. It contains a proprietary monomer blend that allows for excellent stability, even at room temperature, and good electric performance.

Key Properties

High flash point, very low VOC emissions
High bond strength for lower vibration noise and for high speed rotating devices
Stable at room temperature
Wide variety of applications for motors and transformers, both dip and VPI
Lower weight loss than other similar formulations for reduced shrinkage and longer machine life
Moderate build for reduced clean up
UL 1446 system recognition up to 220ºC


Chemical Base Polyester
Viscosity 23°C 700-1100 cps
Application Rotating Machines < 1kV,  Transformer,  Repair

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