Permafil® 74041

Permafil® 74041

Permafil® 74041 is an extremely versatile, single component catalyzed epoxy resin for use in electric motor insulation systems up to 7.2kV or as an over dip for environmental protection. Its stable nature, good film formation, and ease of use, along with its good electrical properties, make it an excellent choice for many different applications.

Key Properties

High performance epoxy resin
High thixotropic index good penetration and retention
Excellent chemical resistance ideal for harsh environments
High film build, single process
Excellent bridging and gap filling characteristics
Excellent bond strength
UL system recognition up to 180ºC
High flash point used in VPI or dip tank applications
Low Volatility/Reduced Odor reduces OSHA and EPA concerns


Chemical Base Epoxy
Viscosity 23°C 4000 - 8000 cps
Application Rotating Machines > 1kV,  Repair

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