Permafil® 74050

Permafil® 74050

Permafil® 74050 is a new technology epoxy resin system utilizing a reactive monomer designed to achieve very high temperature performance as well as excellent long term electrical properties for machine designs up to and beyond 14kV. It is a very stable formulation with low reactivity at room temperature, yet is very reactive at 160°C yielding excellent performance and low VOC emissions. Although cool storage is suggested for manufacturing consistency, Permafil® 74050 is very stable at room temperature. By utilizing a vinyl toluene monomer that fully reacts with the resin, unlike epoxy anhydride systems or other systems utilizing epoxy diluents, the viscosity is adjustable for different applications and for stability adjustment, if required.

Key Properties

New technology epoxy formulation
Outstanding electrical properties
Excellent high temperature performance
Very stable formulation


Chemical Base Epoxy
Viscosity 23°C 300 - 700 cps
Application Rotating Machines > 1kV,  Repair

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